Online In 3 Months

Company: Professional Services

Mandates from above challenge every CMO. In this case … a CEO who demanded a brand-new website in only 3 months. Taking the time to explain content development, SEO, Google analytics, calls to action, mobile optimization and the rest of the necessities for a Website would only make the daunting timeline more compressed. Plus, we needed a more robust technical solution to track website-generated leads and help us identify and improve traffic patterns. In addition, buyers reported that they couldn’t find information and the navigation confused them. With Marketing/Branding leading the way, we quickly gathered a task force and structured a 3-pronged approach to address the needs. It was neck-and-neck but we all crossed the finish line together.

With this approach, we pulled off some impressive results:

  • Awarded best content from PR Daily

  • > 120% increase in new visitors

  • 45-second increase in average visit

  • Improved drop-off rate

  • Increased Moz ranking

  • 50% increase in visitors from target geographies

  • 2x downloads, exceeding best in class