Pipeline Grows by Coordinating Marketing

Company: Finance and Accounting Provider


A finance and accounting (F&A) provider leveraged multiple channels to go to market, both within Sales and Marketing. Sales created scripts for inside sales, which excluded most of their standard deck and key offerings. Influencer relations pitched yet another story without using any of the thought leadership articles. The partners/alliances function initiated campaigns with partners on their own. This resulted in mixed messages and lack of coordination among all the vital parties.



We put on the brakes and designed an organized approach, starting with role-based messaging consistent across all channels. The team targeted the CFO, Controller, and VP of Finance roles. Each channel collaborated to design an overarching plan to span across the website, new articles, any joint marketing with partners and hosted events and webinars.  



Industry analyst rankings improved. The third-party deal sources increased. The size of opportunities the F&A provider was invited to increased in contract value. Messaging was consistent across channels and more importantly, between Sales and Marketing. Downloads of thought leadership papers geared toward CFOs increased dramatically.