Donald Cross, GM, Central Region at CorpInfo

I worked extensively in the past with Becky Dennis, Lary Anderson, and Marita Hollis of Concept to Contract. They are not only experts in the field of marketing, but leaders in the IT and BPO services industries.

I would note three key differentiators for this team:

Creativity under pressure.
Time and time again, I’ve witnessed this team developing a fantastic idea, theme, or campaign under a deadline. And in these experiences, their output was crucial to a successful win.

Focus on outcomes.
This team goes beyond just the creative; they provide leadership and support up to and including successful deal closure. They possess a business outcome mindset, which is unique in their space.

Adaptive and fun to engage.
The team will adopt the specific culture or mission of the client team, adapting key messages to ensure success. And no matter the pressure involved, they actually have fun in the trenches because they love what they do.

I’d highly recommend Concept to Contract as a key business partner. They are true leaders in their field.

Fred Snow, Principal, Kenwood Management Company

I have worked with and watched the members of this team for many years. They bring a unique ability to apply creativity to the business purpose. They start with client and sales intelligence then build a digital and analog marketing mix that delivers real leads and equips salespeople to close multi-million dollar deals. They do what B2B marketing is supposed to do.

Rebecca Scholl, SVP Strategy and Marketing, Xerox

These are some of the most creative and professional marketing people I have had the opportunity to work with. Over the past ten years together they have always impressed me with vision, deep knowledge of marketing technology, and enthusiasm to turn the vision into reality. From campaign management to creative design and experiential marketing, they can do it all and more!  

Al Denis, President, Brachia

This team has overcome overwhelming competitive threats in David and Goliath situations. Their marketing expertise uncovers influencing factors and client concerns, then they help craft the solution and nail the messaging to effectively remove obstacles to closing the deal.  By combining marketing, sales and solution architects into one team they establish an unfair advantage. In make-or-break pursuits it takes this level of commitment and leadership to pull the end-to-end team together. I wouldn’t try it again without them.

Danita Lewis, Global Account Director, iiPay

The Concept to Contract team knows business end to end… from strategizing to building the concept. But they don’t stop there because they want signatures on the contract, so they go the extra mile to make everyone on the front line look their best. Behind the scenes, they document their processes along the way so they can shortcut their path to success.

Randy Rogan, VP of Sales, Atos

I am very excited to see Becky, Lary, and Marita create this much-needed service and focus on tying marketing to actual revenue production.  My experience with this team has always been extremely positive as they are creative and results driven…. and working with such great people is a rewarding experience!  No doubt they will help contribute to the growth of your businesses.

Michael F. Hall, IT/BPO Bus Dev Advisor

I’ve worked with this team on many successful pursuits.  Their highest value is strategic engagement at critical points in the process like defining marketing messages at the front-end for lead generation, process improvement and sales coaching, and critical sales messages at the back-end to get deals closed.