New Channel Launch Doubles Sales

Hero cultures still exist even in this era of challenger sales, a marketing evolution and a surplus of data analytics. Every company enjoys its rainmaker(s), but what happens when they leave? Channel marketing remains core to companies for this simple reason. When an individual salesperson is the linchpin, the strategy is limited to their own experience and once they are engaged, the pipeline suffers while they are distracted.


Here’s’ the difference between a hero culture vs. an influencer relations channel:

Hero Culture Dynamics

  • Limited to individuals

  • Use of individual tactics vs. a standardized, repeatable process

  • Death by PowerPoint. Dependency on way too many slides

  • Dial in their counterparts vs. the personal presence that builds the relationship beyond the hero

  • Hot leads are sidelined while the hero is pursuing active opportunities

Influencer Relations Channel

  • Tiered approach to the most fruitful influencer relationships

  • Earned way into shortlists, which pre-qualifies opportunities, reducing the longer sales cycle

  • Key influencer relationships managed with a cadence

  • Two-way market intelligence vs. limitations from an individual’s rolodex

  • Rigorous sales processes (sales coaching, site visit management, rehearsing, etc.)

We launched this influencer relations channel in a BPO company that thrived with a doubled pipeline, making it the most vital channel for new opportunities.  Be sure to get the full case study here (coming soon).