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Unknown Contender Wins the Big One

A no-name brand was brought in primarily to alter the bid dynamic. The client had very little expectation that the vendor could win the $1 billion contract. How this relatively unknown IT company bagged the big one.


Online in 3 Months

Tasked to produce a new website within three months on a new platform, with four times the content, this site ends up an award winner.


Pipeline Grows by Coordinating Go-to-Market Channels

A finance and accounting company’s silo approach to sales, marketing, influencer relations, content, and partnerships made for confusion in the marketplace. The results of a revised collaborative process yielded a consistent message and attracted CMOs from leading companies.


Incisive Crisis Management Gains Trust

The potential consequence of a material event could have been ruinous. Instead, proactive marketing leadership led to honors as one of Forbes 2017 Most Trustworthy Companies.


Launch Into New Channel Doubles Sales Pipeline

This company launched a new channel that led to contributing to half of the company’s pipeline.


Insight From Measuring Marketing

Without clear metrics, this company’s executive leadership didn’t know how to measure the value of marketing. The perception shifted quickly by changing the conversation from the selected entertainer for a client event to establishing a goal of contributing 25% of revenue … and exceeding it.



Select illustrations of strategic perspectives applied to our client’s business and non-profit objectives.

Focus On Website Experience


Non-Profit Puts First Things First


Non-Profit Major Donor Development



Illustrations of strategic perspectives applied to our client’s business and non-profit objectives.

Leads in the Funnel Don’t Feed the Pooch

Learn to turn a lead funnel into a sales jet engine with CtoC’s Marketing with a Quota Mindset.



/ tro͞oTH / -er / ree (s)

  1. an expression of a general truth or principle, especially an aphoristic or sententious one: “Gibs’ rules are his way of delivering trutheries with a dope slap”
  2. a principle tested and proven
  3. maxims, mottos, words to live by, insights of a practical nature, an uncommon sense in marketing and sales

No. 8 / Pop-up Ads Don’t Seal $10 Million+ Deals.