Focus On Website Experience

Lynn Blodgett, then CEO of ACS, Inc., asked us to create a website which would showcase his photographs. These were special photos of the homeless whose plight had captured his heart. While he traveled in the U.S. and abroad he photographed people who would gather at the shelters to speak with him. He gathered the images in a striking book to tell their stories. All proceeds continue to support the homeless. Purchase from the publisher. 


This was a pro bono project that we felt strongly about ourselves. The common threads of heartache and pain and finding purpose in love and compassion resonated. It was our job to utilize the images to motivate readers to take action to help. The site was developed first with a clear understanding of objectives, then storyboards for user experience and style, then a site map and wireframes were used to define functions. Once the CSS and unique (at the time) floating menu were in place the rest of the HTML was developed. Today, tools expedite the creation of sites but the core understanding of coding and browser compatibility with responsive website standards accelerates the process and assures our clients’ customers enjoy optimal experiences on any device.  


Even though the site has been retired by the publisher, the site produced more than just unique hits during the several years it was active. It generated caring and book sales helped feed and care for hundreds. It’s still one of our favorite projects.