Concept to Contract formed to serve mid-sized companies in growth mode with marketing and sales challenges. Our tenured team thrives on results and enjoys working with each other to make a significant impact for companies. We’ve been a powerful force behind businesses that have doubled in revenues and even gone from $700M to more than $5B.

Here’s a little about the core team of principals.

Marita McCahill

With roles such as Group VP of Business Development at a F500 company and President of a marketing consulting firm, Marita provides depth in strategic marketing, communication, and business development. With her years of experience working with professional service organizations, her core areas of strength are developing, implementing, and executing creative programs to build brand awareness, improve customer relations, and drive sales.

Marita’s expertise lies in understanding an organization’s overall corporate business strategy and distilling high-level business objectives into tangible, action-orientated programs that deliver measurable results. She thrives in leading cross-functional teams to achieve common objectives. What matters most to Marita is generating compelling and valuable outcomes … and she’ll deliver on that with candor and charm.

Lary Anderson

Lary is a marketing professional specializing in sales enablement, digital content lead generation, and in-house and agency management across multiple business units. With VP of Marketing and Communications as one of his key corporate roles, he brought value across multiple domains, including marketing strategy/planning, creative development, team building, and closed-loop digital marketing/analytics processes to improve customer satisfaction, guide product development, drive lead generation/nurturing, and close sales.

With this leadership, his team achieved $550M TCV wins and 600 qualified leads per year — and reduced marketing costs by leveraging cross-business resources and managing agencies. Those of us who know Lary well consider him a genius when it comes to concepts, and building systems and processes to drive sales. He studied as a fine artist only to find out he had his father’s head for business – kind of a split brain. Marketing was his obvious calling.

His wife Laurie quilts at least 30 hours a day and, when she can get him off the computer, Lary does pottery, draws, paints, works in wood, and is your all-around handy guy with an enviable collection of power tools. Mostly he likes being with his dad and in-laws, his kids, and any dog, any time, doing anything. He’s involved in several non-profits like the local animal rescue and national efforts to end hunger and help college students entering healthcare professions.