Win a New Geography & Industry Anchor Client

Company: Finance and Accounting Business


A finance and accounting (F&A) business needed a presence in Latin America to expand the opportunities it was considered for and to better compete with its peers. Several failed attempts were made with its clients to expand operations in a foreign country. With no existing presence, the F&A business was going to have to create a compelling proposition for a new prospect to open a facility with them.



Through our industry influencer contacts, a consultancy got the F&A business on a list of bidders for a consumer goods company. We built a strong value proposition based on these elements:

  • Strong track record in opening facilities in other countries

  • Commitment to the anchor client’s success

  • Willingness to bring additional business to the Latin American facility in a gain share model

  • Depth of F&A expertise to complement the consumer goods company’s internal F&A team


Using our best practices in preparing the team, assigning the right people to the opportunity and conducting multiple site visits, the F&A business intrigued the client enough to take us seriously. And with the right messaging and bond created throughout the pursuit process, the company grew excited about the potential of the partnership despite the lack of geographic footprint or their industry knowledge.



The F&A business won the bid, landing it in a new country that scaled for future business. That Latin American operation now serves clients in nearly 10 countries and has expanded outside the original consumer goods industry to include three other industries.  Additionally, because of the success of the partnership, the consultancy considered the F&A business for additional opportunities, increasing the trust between the firms.